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We are currently raising funds for The Community Center at Lake Chelan.

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About the Foundation

To fund and construct The Community Center at Lake Chelan
To be a hub that connects people, resources and activities to each other in ways that enhance the quality of life in the Lake Chelan Valley.

The Seven Acres Foundation is the result from iterations of people and organizations who concern themselves with meeting urgent and tangible needs within their sphere of influence. Originally, finding a new home for a local church was the driving force behind an effort to build a meeting place. Believing that making a difference in the Lake Chelan Valley was more important than having a place to meet, the original members of this effort quickly realized that they couldn’t do it alone. The Seven Acres Foundation was formed as a separate, secular 501(c)(3) that would be the engine behind the Community Center at Lake Chelan and future projects of a similar nature.

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