CCLC Receives Federal Direct Spending Award

The Seven Acres Foundation, developers of the upcoming Community Center at Lake Chelan (CCLC), was recently named the recipient of a Federal Direct Spending Award. This award comes in the form of $900,000 which will be used for the ongoing development of The Community Center at Lake Chelan to assist with the increased costs of building to completion.

Through what is known as Congressionally Directed Spending, Senator Patty Murray was able to secure financial assistance for this development by promoting the funding of local projects all over central Washington. Representatives of The Seven Acres Foundation had the chance to meet with state officials who listened to the goals of The Community Center and agreed that their desires were essential for the betterment of the Chelan Valley community which resulted in this financial grant.

The Community Center at Lake Chelan is focused on five core values and principles, all of which were shared with the state. These include wellness, relationships, compassion, service, and connection. The main goal of this noteworthy project is to create a thriving community where everyone in the area can come in numerous ways to obtain all the physical, mental, and emotional support needed to succeed. Through all five pillars that CCLC is built on, a closer, more rooted culture in the Chelan Valley will be inevitable.

With several non-profit partnerships such as The Brave Warrior Project (an organization helping children and families of special needs children as well as those who struggle with physical ailments) and Only 7 Seconds (a body of people with the drive to end loneliness by creating a unique sense of community on the seventh of each month), CCLC will undoubtedly accomplish all that congressional funding was intended for. At its core, The Community Center aims to be a support for the area’s non-profits and people in need. They place a priority on the general public of north central Washington to provide a safe space in which to thrive.

The Seven Acres Foundation will continue fundraising efforts on behalf of The Community Center at Lake Chelan as construction continues. The property is now paid in full as is the total completion of architectural planning and engineering. Most of the concrete is now in place and the vertical structure has begun.

Building costs have gone up dramatically nationally, so this funding award is timely and much needed. The never-ending task of joining those in need together with resources and people to help becomes much more possible with this subsidy. The Community Center at Lake Chelan is well on its way to becoming Chelan’s latest and greatest addition; the anticipated opening is January of 2023.