Community Center Temporarily Pauses Construction

If you live in Chelan you might have noticed that the build site has been quiet lately, and that is because we have paused construction. Here’s everything you need to know, as well as how you can help keep this project moving forward:

The Reason for the Pause

Our steel arrived early, which is why we were able to get things moving as soon as we did. This has been great, but it means it arrived while we were still getting our bridge financing (short-term loan) in place for the rest of the building shell.

What We're Doing During the Pause

Value engineering our subcontracts.
Value engineering is very important to assuring that our funds are being used in the best, most efficient way possible.
Campaign to bridge the funding gap.
We are also taking this time to begin our campaign to bridge the funding gap that has arisen due to rapidly escalating construction costs. Despite raising $1MM more than our original construction budget, we are facing headwinds such as record prices on construction materials and labor and supply chain issues.

Where We're Headed

  • We’re going the right direction. Despite the challenges we’re currently facing, we are still making gains! We were recently awarded $900,000 through the Community Directed Spending Appropriation through Senator Patty Murray. This means the project is getting the attention of the right people.
  • We still have no long-term debt: Construction has begun, yet we have still not borrowed more than we have in committed funds.
  • We have financing pledged to finish the outer shell of building with windows, doors, exterior finishes.
  • We are currently saving for the “rough-in” portion of project, i.e. mechanical, electrical, and plumbing.
  • Our team is constantly seeking out new opportunities. We have a whole team of smart, connected people working to find new creative opportunities for fundraising.

How You Can Help

We still have many sponsorship opportunities, starting at just $250. There is still time to make your mark on this future community icon.

Spread the Word
We have plenty of shareable content on our Facebook, Instagram, and website. Share with your friends and family, but also share with public figures and celebrities who might be interested in supporting a thriving community that many of them enjoy in their off-time.