Now is the Time to Donate

We are thrilled that the Community Center is under construction and so grateful for those of you who have helped get the project to where it is today.

We knew this was a lofty vision from the beginning and knew it wouldn’t happen overnight. What we didn’t realize is how many incredible organizations and groups wanted to partner with us to utilize the building to serve the community. From organizations like Only7Seconds to the Special Olympics, the Brave Warrior Project, and ten other incredible entities, we are astonished. These organizations enrich the quality of life in our valley and work daily to make the lives of the people in our community better – some even literally saving lives!

These organizations also wait patiently for the funding necessary to complete the Community Center. Knowing that physical space to set up shop means an opportunity to further their mission to be an epicenter of resources for the people of this valley.

However, several heartbreaking blows to our efforts towards this mission have caused the project to almost double in price. Things like supply chain issues, unanticipated and significant construction cost increases, vendor staffing shortages, COVID restrictions and a thousand smaller unforeseen crises have threatened the project’s future.

In true “glass half full” style, the Seven Acres Foundation Board focuses on what we have instead of what we don’t have. We have raised $1 million more than our original budget. We have a building permit in hand, concrete slabs poured, all infrastructure in place including sewer, water, and electrical hookups, and tens of thousands of pounds of steel on property owned free and clear! These accomplishments are BIG and worth celebrating.

We would be remiss to ignore the needs of the last mile of this project. While construction is underway, we still have a significant funding gap. Many people in our valley have been waiting for the right time to donate to this project.

Can we encourage you by saying that NOW is the time? Tell your neighbors, tell your friends, or pull out your checkbook and help us get to the finish line. A project for the community by the community requires that we each take a step to get involved!

If you can’t imagine how this project will directly benefit you, please consider:

  • Your friend who has a grandchild who doesn’t know how to swim.
  • Your neighbor’s daughter who is about to turn fifteen and has nowhere for her family to hold a quinceañera.
  • Your favorite checker at the grocery store who has an autistic child and needs a break while her child plays in a safe place.
  • Your friend from book club whose son is dealing with depression.
  • Your son’s best friend whose mom doesn’t speak English and needs somewhere to go to understand what resources are available to her.

Your community, our community needs this facility, and together we can make it happen.

Please help the Community Center at Lake Chelan reach its mission to connect people with the organization and resources they need to enhance the quality of life in the Lake Chelan Valley – no donation is too small or too big to help get us to the finish line.