Project Update: Work to Restart after Memorial Day

No matter how organized you are and how well you’ve planned, project delays happen! As reported a few weeks ago, we allowed the construction schedule to pause to let different schedules align.

Now that the schedules are better synced, we are excited to get our contractor, Rimmer & Roeter, back on site. With plenty to do, given the steel delivery we already had and a new one expected to arrive as early as mid-June, they have no shortage of work to do.

More Updates to Come

This is an exciting time for the project for several reasons, but mainly because visually, you can expect to start seeing some of the exterior of the building be put together. Stay tuned for more updates from us with plenty of pictures of the progress, and don’t forget that along with construction continuing, so are our fundraising efforts!

Our team is leading the effort to deliver a 44,100 square foot multipurpose building to those who call the Lake Chelan Valley home, but we need your help! Donate today to continue to make this huge project a reality.