Raye Evans

Raye Evans has been involved with the Seven Acres Foundation since January 2018, serving on various committees. Beginning December 2019, Raye has had the role of Administrator at the executive level under the Board of Directors, with a focus on project coordination.

As the project blossoms, Raye will now focus on completion of Phase I, manage foundation and corporate grants, pledges and donor accounts and will champion all state and federal funding sources while continuing to push existing financing and sources of funding through to completion.

Raye attended Chelan schools, holds a BS in Business Administration from Central Washington University, and provides specialized vendor solutions as True North Business Services, LLC. She began her career at Mumma Trucking, Inc., a common carrier trucking company that serviced the fruit industry throughout the valley for many years. She was also a managing member of a local construction company, Tunnel Hill Granite, for 20 years before selling in 2016.

Raye has strong roots throughout north central Washington and is so thankful for the opportunity to be included as a “Building Community” team member. Her passion for reaching real needs of people in this valley is hugely fulfilled by the movement of this project.

Raye currently resides in Manson with her husband, Tyler, and three children, Colt, Cash and Bailey. She enjoys the beautiful chaos of chasing kids, boating and relaxing on the lake on a hot summer day.